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Winter driving tips, heavy snow

Winter Driving Tips and Limo Safety in Columbus, Ohio.

Heavy Snow & Low Traction

In the last article, we discussed how light snow can create hazardous conditions for drivers during the winter months. In this installment, we’ll address the second of the three common conditions, heavy snow.

Heavy snow provides a dual threat, impaired visibility and low-traction conditions. To provide the utmost in limo safety in Columbus, Ohio, we practice the following: know your route and make slow movements.

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Know Your Route

The first guideline, know your route, is important because with heavy snow falling, you may not be able to read road signs very well. This can cause a driver to lose concentration on driving as he or she struggles to read signs in order to figure out where he/she is going.

We’ve all seen that car sitting stationary between the interstate and the exit ramp because they can’t figure out where to go.

Our drivers achieve a high level of limo safety in Columbus, Ohio by mapping out their routes in detail, in advance. This prevents them from being distracted as they try to make out signs in white-out conditions.

We do this year-round in order to provide great service to our clients, but it’s especially beneficial during low-visibility conditions.

Don't Rely Solely on Technology

Driver Supreme Limousine

On-board navigation systems or portable G.P.S. units may fail. Lack of satellite reception is just one thing in many that could render your G.P.S. useless.

In the very least, when conditions are slippery, visibility is low and other drivers are making unexpected maneuvers, trying to read or listen for G.P.S. prompts is not best practice.

Winter driving tips, ice

Make Slow Movements

One of the most important winter driving tips is to make slow movements. This is necessary because with a layer of snow on the roads, the snow equivalent of hydroplaning can occur. Even heavy vehicles can be suspended on a pillow of snow causing the tires to spin wildly each time you start from a dead stop (such as at a traffic light).

This can also cause dangerous spin-outs during turns. The key here is to depress the accelerator pedal very slowly so the tires can either dig into the snow or dig down to the road surface (depending on the thickness of the snow layer). This will require patience but it certainly takes less time than trying to dig your vehicle out of a ditch!

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