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winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips and Limo Safety in Columbus, Ohio.

Light Snow and Driving Distance

As winter closes in on Central Ohio, drivers will once again be faced with slippery conditions. Here at Supreme Limousine, our attentiveness to limo safety in Columbus, Ohio is more focused than ever. And while the best way to stay safe is to not drive at all, for many people (especially us!) this simply isn’t practical.

People still need to travel for the holidays to see family and friends, and businesses must continue to do what they do. Here are three important principles that we incorporate into our operations that all drivers would do well to follow:

1) Understand the conditions of the road
2) Keep your vehicle properly maintained
3) Understand how your vehicle performs in slippery conditions

In this article, we will begin the discussion on understanding the conditions of the road and how they pertain to limo safety in Columbus, Ohio.

So let’s consider the first of the three most common wintry conditions here in Columbus, Ohio, light snow, heavy snow and ice.

winter driving tips light snow

Light Snow

For light snow, the main problem is that drivers will underestimate how slippery the roads are. They may assume that since it’s not “sticking” or accumulating, it’s not a problem. But light snow can be deceptive, just like light rain.

The issue is that it melts on contact with a warm road surface, and like light rain, can cause oil and other lubricants on the road to come to the surface. This can create a very slippery road, similar to icy conditions. And it may be unevenly distributed. You may be driving along with plenty of traction and then all of the sudden, you find yourself in a slide.

winter driving tips hills

Keep A Safe Distance

The best practice here is to concentrate on the distance to the car in front of you and the distance to the car behind you. This is because it will take much longer to slow down (for you and your neighbor to the rear). You simply cannot wait until the last minute to stop, you must start earlier. And, you must pay attention to the drivers behind you.

It is also important for you to “signal” to the drivers behind you that you’re beginning to slow down by lightly pressing the brake pedal (so your brake lights illuminate) even if you don’t plan to slow down right away.

For light snow, the main problem is that drivers will underestimate how slippery the roads are.

Obviously, other safe driving tips are helpful in light snow but distance between cars is crucial. We practice this guideline to provide limo safety in Columbus, Ohio, and we recommend it to all drivers as well.

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