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Lincoln Town Car - “L”s
Lincoln-L Limo

Lincoln Town Car “L”s

The backbone of the luxury transportation industry.

The Lincoln Town Car is the backbone of the luxury transportation industry and for good reason: the unique airbag suspension provides a one of the smoothest rides in the automotive world. Additionally, the vehicle’s large dimensions provide exceptional room in the passenger compartment.

As the luxury sedan pictures on this page show, we operate only Lincoln Town Cars with the “L” designation, which is a specially-built vehicle for the luxury transportation industry. The “L” package includes a six-inch stretch for more leg room and a set of controls in the passenger compartment for heat and air conditioning.

Our vehicles also feature “limo” window tint to reduce heat and glare on sunny days and also to provide a measure of privacy for our clients. And when it comes to safety, the Town Car sets the standard, literally: it was the first production sedan in the world to receive US five-star crash ratings in every category.

lincoln l limo interior

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